Employee Benefits

We Understand The Value of Benefits In The Lives Of Your Employees

A great employee benefits package provides our clients with a competitive edge in recruitment and retention. We will design and implement creative and financially sound benefit programs that will engage employees in making better health choices and implementing lifestyle initiatives.

Strategic Planning Insights Employee Benefits

Strategic Planning & Insight

Fiscally Responsible and Meaningful to Your Employees

Palmer & Cay focuses on long-term commitments and strategies. We listen closely to understand our client’s strategic planning goals and business objectives. Our experts are an extension of your team. We work to develop a benefit program that is fiscally responsible and meaningful to your employees.

  • Strategy Development
  • Benchmarking & Market Norm Analysis
  • Industry and Insurance Carrier Evaluations
  • Medical Care Alternative Programs
  • Cost Containment Solutions
  • Compliance Audits, Analysis & Management
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Executive Benefits

Sound Underwriting Drives Financial Performance

We monitor, analyze, procure, and negotiate the financial performance of your benefit programs. Our underwriting and actuarial team evaluates the data to provide guidance and recommendations for the long-term stability of your plan’s financial health.

  • Renewal & Marketing Analysis / Negotiations
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting
  • Stop Loss Maneuvers
  • Funding Analysis & Execution
  • Pharmacy, Network and Utilization Analysis
  • Reference-Based Pricing
  • Accrual, IBNR Projections & Budgeting
  • Employee Contribution Modeling
  • Captive Solutions & Implementation
financial planning employee benefits

Financial Plan Management

Services Administration Employee Benefits

Service & Administration

A Well-Managed and Hassle-Free Benefit Program

Our goal is to become an extension of your company, working alongside you to manage, stay compliant and make all the pieces fit the benefit puzzle. We understand the role of benefits in the lives of your employees – and advocate on your behalf.

  • Benefit Butler Employee Advocacy
  • Insurance Carrier Service Management
  • Contracts, SPDs, Wrap Docs, etc.
  • Technology Procurement
  • Compliance Updates, Guidance and Checklists
  • Client Portal & Enrollment Platform
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Implementation
  • New Hire Onboarding & Training
  • HR Hotline

Educating and Engaging Your Employees

A well-executed health management and communication plan will build knowledgeable healthcare users, which in turn will have a positive impact on the overall program results.

  • Wellness Strategy & Implementation
  • Population Health Programs
  • Communication Strategy Development & Execution
  • Open Enrollment Planning & Management
  • Financial Wellness Programs
  • Employee Meetings & Webinars
  • Compliance Updates / Communication
  • Non-Traditional Strategies for Communications
  • Telehealth and Virtual Health Programs
education communication and wellness employee benefits

Education, Communications and Wellness

Career Opportunities at Palmer and Cay


Safeguard Your Company and Benefit Program From Liabilities

We provide sound assistance through a variety of resources to stay current on the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment. Ensuring our clients compliance is a core responsibility at Palmer & Cay.

  • Compliance Audits & Gaps
  • Affordable Care Act
  • COBRA / Section 125
  • SPD’s & Plan Documents
  • CARES Act / ARA Act
  • 5500 Filing
  • Compliance Training
  • HR Hotline & Compliance Portal
  • COVID Compliance

A Ship Needs An Experienced Crew

As a privately-owned, family-based firm, we have the luxury of handpicking our team members. We do not just want technical skill sets; we want the right match for our teams.

The Employee Benefit’s Teams are passionate, synchronous, and dynamic.  That includes helping each other grow and build new skill sets.

Our approach is founded in the Strategic Annual Service Calendar which is done by incorporating your company culture, business objectives, recruitment and retention initiatives and benefit philosophy. 

Our Account Management team is poised to guide you through your benefit strategy and objectives.

Account Management

What Our Clients Say

“Customer service – you are the best.”

“The level of service and personal touch is outstanding. You have ownership and want to be sure we are satisfied.”

“The follow through and delivery on commitments is outstanding.”

My service team has great ideas, solves problems, gets us data and evaluates it so we know what it means and is self accountable to make sure the whole team is delivering. You are truly an extension of our team.

“Our Account Executive is available, accessible, responsive and proactive.”

“The strong relationships they develop – both with me and my team and with our partner providers. They are an excellent liaison in both directions.”
“Their problem-solving and issue resolution is outstanding – prompt, persistent, thorough and not only do they address the issue at hand but, then also adjust processes and communication as needed to prevent reoccurring of the issue.”