Property & Casualty

Competitive Advantage & Protection

Expert analytics, risk control strategies, competitively priced insurance coverage and reduced claims costs are just some of the ways we provide your business with protection.

Industry Expertise Property and Casualty

Industry Expertise

Expertise in multiple industries

Get in-depth experience in a wide array of industries. Let us design expert coverage to meet your specific needs.

Industries our team serves include:

  • Auto Dealers
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Restaurants
  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics

Relationships and details matter when broking a plan

Our client advisors maintain close relationships with the world’s best insurance carriers and negotiate broad insurance coverage tailored to you at the lowest possible cost.

Recommending the right plan for you including options for guaranteed cost, large deductibles, and captives.

  • Automobile Liability & Physical Damage
  • Aviation
  • Cyber & Technology
  • Environmental
  • Executive & Professional Liability
  • Garage & Garage Keepers’ Liability
  • General Liability & Products Liability
  • Products Recall
  • Property
  • Rigger’s & Warehouseman’s Legal Liability
  • Representations and Warranties
  • Surety
  • Trade Credit
  • Umbrella
  • Workers’ Compensation
Insurance Broking

Insurance Broking

Claim Consulting Property and Casualty Insurance

Claims Consulting​

Claims consulting to lower your claims costs. Simplify the process.

Our claims team helps lower the cost of even your most difficult claims by advocating on your behalf.

Advocating for You

You need us most when larger claims arise. 

  • Coverage interpretation and analysis.
  • Claim submission support.
  • Advocating on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome for your claim.
  • Assistance with closing difficult claims

Drive Claims Performance

Helping deliver the best possible claims services. We drive performance and lower your claims cost.

  • Identify the best claims provider for your business
  • Recommendations on key performance indicators for claims adjusters
  • Claims reviews and recommendations to mitigate the cost of larger claims

Analytics to direct the best possible outcome

Our analytics team follows a four-step process to help you lower your overall costs.

Describe – Understand the past and the possibilities

An objective, relevant, analysis of your past losses and evolving industry risks.

Diagnose –  Find the catalysts

We search for root causes, potential correlations, and emerging trends within your data to pinpoint opportunities for loss prevention.

Predict – Know the probabilities

We run deterministic and stochastic modelling to estimate future cost of claims, premiums, and collateral.

Execute – Create opportunities

We recommend the best program structure and key performance indicators to reduce your experience modification factor, improve pricing and lower collateral.

Data Analytics Property and Casualty Programs


Risk Control Strategies Property and Casuality

Risk Control

Risk control strategies to safeguard your operations

Your business has exposures unique to your industry and specific operations.

All businesses need to run safe, efficient operations that protect their employees, customers, guests and property

Palmer & Cay risk control solutions help avoid losses before they occur.

  • On-site safety inspections
  • Evaluation of loss control programs
  • Recommendations for safety improvements
  • Insurance carrier recommendations
  • Safety training 
  • Building valuations

Support you can count on every day

Your Palmer & Cay service team is staffed with technical experts based on your specific needs. Together, we establish an annual service plan with key dates and deliverables to ensure we meet your needs, as promised, on a timely basis.

Our key services include:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Auto identification cards
  • Changes to coverage via an endorsement
  • State mandated vehicle filings
  • Contract reviews
  • Insurance advice
  • Quick status on open claims
Customer Service Palmer and Cay

Customer Service

Global Property and Casualty Insurance

Global Solutions

Protecting you on a global level

Working closely with our global partners, we design global insurance programs for clients with national and international footprints.

For US-based or Foreign-based customers who:

  • occasionally travel to other countries
  • sell products in other countries
  • have owned assets and operations in other countries

We represent a wide array of international insurance carriers and provide a full suite of coverages.

What Our Clients Say

“Your team exceeded our expectations in negotiating our claim with the insurance carriers. Our loss was in the seven figures and involved complex issues.  Palmer & Cay’s claims team communicated early a strategy for the best way to approach the insurance carriers and advocated on our behalf from the outset to conclusion. As a result, the process was much smoother and the claims payment the carriers made was higher than we thought it would be. We are very appreciative of the proactive guidance the team provided and their support throughout the process”

“The analytics evaluation report your team provided gave us the insight we needed to fully understand why our losses were increasing. We made changes to our process based on the analysis which reduced our loss frequency as a result.”

“We chose Palmer & Cay to be our insurance broker due to their ability to provide a complete insurance program including earthquake, flood and wind coverage for us. Other brokers were not able to provide us with any options, but Palmer & Cay negotiated full coverage at a reasonable premium and deductibles.”

“We’ve never experienced service this good – you seem to know somehow what we need before we need it, and you happily go above and beyond to make our jobs easier. You are truly an extension of our team and a pleasure to work with.””